The Valedictorian of Being Dead | Heather Armstrong


Heather Armstrong has struggled with depression her whole life, but after an especially rough 18-month patch, she signs up for an experimental medical trial where they administer propofol anesthesia for a full 15 minutes before bringing her back. Basically, Heather dies for 15 minutes, only to be brought back. The month-long medical trial is 10 sessions. Imagine dying and being brought back ten times. The story of the physical, mental, and emotional toll on not only Heather but her family, is riveting. An inspirational story for anyone who has fought depression, been interested in mental illness, and the science behind it.

Georgette Coan is the manager of Barbara's Bookstore at Woodfield Mall in Schaumberg, IL. She began working for Barbara's in 2010 and was the manager at Barbara's in Burr Ridge, IL. Georgette believes that people still buy paper books because they long for the feel of a physical volume in their hands, actual books on their bookshelves at home, a way to have an actual library (you can't wrap an E-reader!) to pass onto their families. "Books harken back to a more nostalgic era. This new technology isn't for everyone; physical copies of books still offer another choice to those who don't care for the newfangled technology known as E-books and E-readers."