The Outsiders | S. E. Hinton


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This story is for anyone who is searching for a little reassurance that where you grow up doesn’t define you. That no matter what happens, you decide who you want to be and what place you want to have in the world. Ponyboy’s story shows us that you can find allies in a room of enemies, that tragedy can inspire the unlikeliest of heroes, and that staying together means more than just being together.

Rebecca is the manager at our Northwestern Memorial Hospital bookstore. She began working for Barbara's in 2012. She's worn many hats throughout her life: preschool teacher, arts fundraiser and business manager, alumni event planner, ultimately landing in the book business, where she has happily played for the last 13 years. This comes as no surprise to anyone who knows her, as she's had her nose buried in a book since she was too young to read. There are pictures! Come visit her at Northwestern anytime.