The Hotel Neversink | Adam O’Fallon Price


In his second novel, author Adam O’Fallon Price tells the gripping saga of the illustrious hotel that is the Neversink. Over the course of sixty-two years and a choir of broken souls, Price takes us on a journey through the lives of such varied individuals as a failing comedian, a kleptomaniac maid and, of course, the dynastic Sikorsky family that controls it all. Beginning with one man’s dark battle with his own burning ambition, the hotel brings a great fortune to the Sikorsky family, but not without its own darkness. Each chapter features a different perspective from one of the hotels more intimate moments and each character is given their own unique voice.  Adam O’Fallon Price has achieved a masterwork of interweaving stories that together convey the grand history of a hotel larger than the lives of its many residents and staff but made all the more human for them. all the while a light emanates from the woods carrying with it a feeling of being underwater and a taste for children.

Kody Young
Kody Young is the former Account Analyst for Barbara's Bookstore based in the Santa Fe office. Previously, he worked as a Digital Imaging Technician for the film industry in New Mexico as well as working as work as a Director and Screenwriter. Throughout, Kody has been steeped in books. Growing up and spending his life around an ever-expanding family library containing hundreds of titles, he has always been drawn to the page. Kody was pulled towards work at Barbara’s because of the amazing people he gets to interact with on a daily basis as well as the unique opportunity to see things behind the scenes.