The Black Company: The First Novel of ‘The Chronicles of the Black Company’

Fantasy/ General


ISBN: 9780812521399 | BUY HERE

The first novel in the eponymous series that sparked a genre and gave birth to writers such as George Martin and Joe Abercrombie, The Black Company is a first-hand look at the historical records of the titular group of mercenaries. Author Glen Cook graces this dark tome with his first-hand experiences in the trenches of war and creates an understandably nihilistic group of would-be heroes that bounce around from place to place in the employment of darkness and cutting out their own justice. 

After being hired by “the Lady” to participate in her war, The Black Company discovers, amongst the cinders of a fallen village and surrounded by villains, ”The White Rose.” The Rose is this story’s would-be messianic hero, prophesized to eventually beat the lady in open war. Will she be able to do it? This is a satisfying, yet vicious and dark ride that will leave the reader with a lasting impression that will be with them for years to come.

Kody Young was a former Account Analyst for Barbara's Bookstore based in the Santa Fe office. Previously, he worked as a Digital Imaging Technician for the film industry in New Mexico as well as working as work as a Director and Screenwriter. Throughout, Kody has been steeped in books. Growing up and spending his life around an ever-expanding family library containing hundreds of titles, he has always been drawn to the page. Kody was pulled towards work at Barbara’s because of the amazing people he gets to interact with on a daily basis as well as the unique opportunity to see things behind the scenes.