1953 Book About Marshall Field’s Resurrected

Rick Kogan with the republished edition of his father's book, Give the Lady What She Wants, in the Walnut Room of the former Marshall Field's—now Macy's.

CHICAGO—In 1953, journalists Herman Kogan and Lloyd Wendt wrote the story of retail giant Marshall Field’s in a book called, Give the Lady What She Wants. For decades the book remained out of print, until 2020, when Barbara’s Bookstore dusted it off and republished it, complete with a new introduction by Herman Kogan’s son, journalist Rick Kogan.

The book will be available in April at Macy’s State Street, which occupies the original location of Marshall Field’s. Stay tuned for an appearance by Rick Kogan who will talk about the history of the legendary retail giant.

Below are photos of the Marshall Field’s Archives Collection now on display on the seventh floor of Macy’s State Street.

Rose Tibayan
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