LeVar Burton Chimes In On Banned Books Debate: ‘That’s Where The Good Stuff Is’ | Huff Post

and tango makes three

Curtis M. Wong | Huff Post | March 16th, 2022

One of the world’s most beloved advocates of children’s literacy is giving his lifelong mission a timely update.

In a cheeky “Daily Show” skit that aired Tuesday, actor LeVar Burton alludes to his days as the host of “Reading Rainbow” as he urges youngsters to seek out banned books at their local library.

To illustrate his point, Burton attempts to read from several of the targeted books, but is seemingly interrupted for a “content violation” by off-screen censors before he can make it beyond the first page. The titles causing such a disruption include 2007’s “Rosa,” about civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks, and 2015’s “And Tango Makes Three,” depicting a same-sex penguin couple. Though Burton grows visibly frustrated toward the conclusion of the skit, his stance is clear. “Read the books they don’t want you to,” he proclaims. “That’s where the good stuff is.” Continued



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