Join us at Yorktown Mall for a signing of Karolyn Denson Landrieux’s book “Maxine Makes a New Friend” April 6th | 1pm CST


April 6th | 1pm CST

Maxine Makes a New Friend | Karolyn Denson Landrieux

We kindly request that if you would like your book signed, it must be purchased at Barbara’s Bookstore. To ensure a smooth and efficient signing process, please present your receipt as proof of purchase.




The Adventures of Maxine and Beanie is a children’s book series that playfully demonstrates how families are unique to each child. These stories create a safe place for families to talk about their feelings by promoting meaningful discussions and engaging the imaginations of the readers.

Through fun adventures, both grand and small, Maxine and Beanie help to foster the creativity, kindness, and tolerance needed in global communities. Join them in celebration and embracing our differences





Karolyn is a retired flight attendant living in Paris and the United States. She is CEO of Landrieux Holdings LLC and Zuria, LLC and owner of Goudelock and the 3 Bears Publishing. Karolyn loves to travel but loves her time at home with her family. She loves cooking, painting, writing, designing, and decorating.


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