Join us at Yorktown Center for a signing of Judy Campbell-Smith’s book “Ice Cream Everywhere” June 23rd | 1pm CST


June 23rd | 1pm CST

Ice Cream Everywhere | Judy Campbell-Smith

We kindly request that if you would like your book signed, it must be purchased at Barbara’s Bookstore. To ensure a smooth and efficient signing process, please present your receipt as proof of purchase.




Everywhere you go, all around the world people are eating ice cream And while some folks spoon up sundaes and some savor Syrian bouza–one thing is always true: ice cream is joy Travel the globe and discover a mouthwatering selection of cold, creamy treats. Which one is your favorite? Ice Cream Everywhere includes a map, an author’s note–and three scoops of fun.






Judy Campbell-Smith writes stories that spark curiosity and celebrate diversity. Her writing can be found in the Witness BCC, Resolute magazine, Ember journal, and AJ’s Neighborhood, a picture book illustrated by Amanda Dowell. Judy lives in Southern California with her husband and two children. Her favorite ice cream treat is a root beer float.



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