Haiku Contestant Week 2: Debbie Kmiec

I will soon be 71 years old in May, have been married to the same man for 48 years, raised three daughters, and have eight grandchildren. I was a German and English teacher by degree and have also taught English as a second language over the years.

I still work (although due to Co-vid 19 am on furlough until the crisis is over) at Score Tennis & Fitness in Countryside, Illinois, where I have been the Junior House Account coordinator for over 30 years.

Family and reading have been my absolute constants in life. They both are always there for you. Barbara’s in Burr Ridge has been a mainstay in our family’s life since they opened up in Village Center years ago. It been a home away from home for myself and grandkids. We can’t wait to visit again once things open up.

Barbara's Bookstores have been Chicago's independent booksellers since 1963.