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Join us at Yorktown Center for An Afternoon with Uday Kumar: The 16 Chakras for Inner Harmony and Peace | December 2nd | 5pm CST

December 2, 2023 @ 5:00 pm

Join us for a 60-minute experiential workshop that will highlight the path to a balanced, integrated life. Inspired by the wisdom of Daaji’s “Spiritual Anatomy,” this session is designed for those seeking deep purpose and meaning that will resonate with the mind and inspire the heart. In this session you will learn guided techniques that melt away stress, allowing you to regain focus and poise in the whirlwind of daily life. You will discover how spirituality opens neural pathways, creating a bridge to help you lead with greater clarity. Immerse yourself in an experience that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and inspired. This workshop is a celebration of your inner world, where profound shifts happen.

– Welcome and conversations.

– Grounding Breathing Exercise

– Spiritual Anatomy: Why Now? – A talk

– Guided Immersion: A meditative experience

– Q&A

Giveaway raffle: companion journal




1. Sit comfortably and close your eyes softly and gently.
2. Begin with your toes. Wiggle your toes. Now feel them relax.
3. Feel the healing energy of Mother Earth move up into your toes,
feet, and ankles. Then up to your knees. Relax the lower legs.
4. Feel the healing energy move farther up your legs. Relax your
5. Now, deeply relax your hips, lower body, and waist.
6. Relax your back. From your tailbone to your shoulders, feel
your entire back relaxing.
7. Relax your chest and shoulders. Feel your shoulders simply
melting away.
8. Relax your upper arms. Relax each muscle in your forearms
and your hands, right to your fingertips. Feel the energy gently
flow out from the finger tip.
9. Relax your neck muscles. Move your awareness up to your face.
10. Relax your jaw, mouth, nose, eyes, earlobes, facial muscles,
forehead . . . all the way to the top of your head.
11. Feel your whole body completely relaxed. Scan your system
from top to toe, and if there is any part of your body that is still
tense, painful, or unwell, feel it being immersed in the healing
energy of Mother Earth for a little while longer.
12. When you are ready, move your attention to your heart. Rest
there for a little while. Feel immersed in the love and light in
your heart.
13. Remain still and quiet, and slowly become absorbed within.
14. Remain absorbed for as long as you want, until you feel ready to
come out



“Exceptional… Spiritual Anatomy blends the wisdom of yogic philosophy with practical techniques to unlock your infinite potential.” — Deepak Chopra, New York Times bestselling author of Quantum Body

From the internationally bestselling author of The Heartfulness Way comes a journey to the center of our consciousness, mapping a path for you to connect to your highest self through Heartfulness meditation and guided chakra practices.

When we think of wellbeing, we often think of our physical and mental health—tending to our bodies and minds to find peace, purpose, and connection in our lives. But as Kamlesh D. Patel (affectionately known as Daaji), spiritual leader of the Heartfulness Organization and fourth in line to the raja yoga tradition illuminates, there is a third system we too often overlook: The Spiritual Anatomy.

Acting as a sort of atlas for consciousness, the chakras—the centers of spiritual energy that comprise our spiritual anatomy—lead us back to our hearts, ourselves, and the sustainable happiness and meaning we crave. Along the way readers will learn:

  • The role and importance of the chakras
  • What blocks our chakras and how to clean them
  • Meditation techniques that bring you closer to the heart’s center
  • How connecting deeply with our chakras can open our hearts, minds, and souls

As grounding as it is groundbreaking, Spiritual Anatomy is a must-read for seekers, meditators, and anyone who wants to cultivate joy in their life.




Kamlesh D. Patel (affectionately known to many as Daaji) is a bestselling author, spiritual leader of the Heartfulness movement, environmentalist, and entrepreneur. A pharmacist by trade, Daaji brings to the table a unique blend of science and spirituality. His teachings integrate the two and give us a deeper understanding of the purpose of human existence. His practical approach to spirituality gives us a simple and efficient framework for a more peaceful, joyful, sustainable, and healthier world.


Since 2014 Daaji has led millions of practitioners worldwide to imbibe the practices of Heartfulness, a tradition of Raja Yoga adapted to modern day life. Under his guidance, the Heartfulness Institute oversees 14,000 certified trainers and thousands of volunteers across 160 countries.

In his deep commitment to our global health, he spearheaded an environmental initiative in the development of Kanha Shanti Vanam, “green” and “blue” ecological paradise on 1,400 acres of rainforest, water conservation, animal sanctuary, medical center, educational center, and wellness retreat center with the world’s largest meditation hall.


LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/kamleshdaaji/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/kamleshdaaji/

X (Formerly Twitter): @kamleshdaaji

Instagram: @kamleshdaaji






Uday weaves together the cutting-edge world of technology and the profound depths of meditation. He brings to the table a wealth of experience in developing oneself in an integrated way.

At the core of Uday’s journey is his role as a practitioner and trainer in Heartfulness Meditation, a practice he has committed himself to for over two decades. His journey in meditation has not only led to personal transformation but also a genuine desire to share this tranquility with others. Uday’s volunteer work, teaching the art of meditation has touched the lives of many, offering a path to inner serenity and balance.


December 2, 2023
5:00 pm
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Space 120 Yorktown Shopping Center
Lombard, IL 60148 United States
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