Chicago Asian Network: “Barbara’s Bookstore In Solidarity With AAPIs”

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Article by Czieloh Villajin | Chicago Asian Network

The last two years have been challenging for many businesses, prompting them to think of new ways to engage target consumers. In a pandemonium brought about by several uncertainties, Barbara’s Bookstore stood firm to provide refuge for those who are seeking a sense of truce. Everyone has, after all, somehow experienced their life force drained by the pandemic.

Barbara’s, a bookstore inside Macy’s on State Street, has been steadily surviving thanks to the readers who continued to support the business during such a difficult time. Its unparalleled customer service also gains the store new patrons. Today, in its second year in a row, its leaders express solidarity with their Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) customers and the rest of the community by setting up a prominent display of 70 relevant books. “We decided to have a very large display last year because we were deeply disturbed by the rise of anti-Asian violence in the United States,” said Chris Mahin, Manager of Barbara’s Bookstore… CONTINUED

Barbara's Bookstores have been Chicago's independent booksellers since 1963.