Books for Frontliners at Glenbrook Hospital


Glenview, IL—Seth Turner, bookstore manager at The Book Market, wanted to do something special to thank healthcare professionals working the front lines during this pandemic.

So, took it upon himself to reach out to a hospital close to his bookstore, packed up six boxes of books, and arranged for their delivery to Glenbook Hospital, located at 2100 Pfingsten Road.

“We wanted to donate them to do something special for healthcare workers at the hospital in our community who are all doing life-saving work,” says Seth. “Hopefully, these dozens of books of fiction, mystery, and other genres, will help them to relax during this stressful time.”

Elaine Van Dusen, Manager of Auxiliary at NorthShore University HealthSystem, says that the staff is delighted at the prospect of receiving one of the books.

“Who doesn’t naturally wind down when reading a book unless it is a thriller! Early Stephen King never put me to sleep,” says Van Dusen. “Certainly, the great variety of books donated by The Book Market will give everyone an opportunity to find something to dive into.”

She added, “thank you to Seth and to everyone at Barbara’s Bookstore for your generosity and thoughtfulness.”