The Outsider | Stephen King


I would like to start this review off by saying that I did, in fact, listen to this book on an Audible download read by Will Patton. In a return to his most recent series, Stephen King brings us back to the world of Bill Hodges with The Outsider. This novel’s first half is a slow mystery and almost unavoidably so, the second half is devoted to becoming a lesser entry into the repertoire of King’s supernatural horrors. Though the novel served to ultimately entertain, it failed to leave much of a lasting impact upon the mind of this reader. Though for me, at least, I feel the novel may have suffered from high expectations. If the novel had come from any other author I feel I may have been more forgiving. But maybe not. The novel has many highlights, Holly never fails to be anything less than engrossing and wonderful. I truly did find her moments in the book to be pieces of great storytelling. Ralph Anderson, on the other hand, is a bit of a bumbling oaf and near insufferable at times. The story is almost derailed as well by a lackluster ending. I wasn’t disappointed that I acquired the novel, but I will be much looking forward to King’s next effort and leaving this one in the rearview.

Kody Young
Kody Young is the former Account Analyst for Barbara's Bookstore based in the Santa Fe office. Previously, he worked as a Digital Imaging Technician for the film industry in New Mexico as well as working as work as a Director and Screenwriter. Throughout, Kody has been steeped in books. Growing up and spending his life around an ever-expanding family library containing hundreds of titles, he has always been drawn to the page. Kody was pulled towards work at Barbara’s because of the amazing people he gets to interact with on a daily basis as well as the unique opportunity to see things behind the scenes.