Sadie the Dog Delights Visitors at Vernon Hills

Adorable Sadie sits quietly taking in the scene of our 29,000 square foot bookstore as dog lovers and fans gather around her.

VERNON HILLS, IL—Sadie’s story is about wow an unwanted dog inspired the world. On Saturday, June 1st, Sadie and her human, Joal Derse Dauer, visited our bookstore at Hawthorn Mall to the delight of animal and book lovers, alike. Sadie has come a long way from her previous life of cruelty and exploitation.

Shot and left to die, Sadie was found bleeding alone in the mountains of Kentucky with a bullet hole between her eyes and another in her back. She had been left to die after delivering a litter of puppies. Strangers found Sadie, took her to a veterinarian, and Starfish Animal Rescue had her transported to a shelter in Wisconsin. Little did Joal Derse Dauer expect to meet Sadie there!

“A triumphant tale of second chances that shows how patience, hope, compassion, and love can truly transform lives.” – Modern Dog on Saving Sadie

Rose Tibayan
Rose is the Director of Digital Communication for Mayuba, Inc. She develops, implements, and oversees communications, branding, and strategic marketing. In 2018, Rose initiated a redesign of the corporate website and built it. Her social media skills have resulted in a tenfold growth of the company’s social media engagement. She creates and manages the website content in addition to producing a bi-monthly newsletter distributed to more than 13,000 organic subscribers. Rose's favorite books are biographies, history, business, and science. She is based in Chicago, at the downtown corporate office.