Join us at Yorktown Center for a signing of Roger Stark and Betsy Hill’s new book “YOUR CHILD LEARNS DIFFERENTLY, NOW WHAT?” | April 22nd | 2pm CST


April 22nd | 2pm CST





School is a struggle.

Homework is a battleground.

Nothing you’ve tried seems to help.

The education system isn’t solving this problem-the cavalry isn’t coming. And your child isn’t going to outgrow these difficulties. In fact, what you don’t know could be keeping your child from succeeding at school.

Now what?

It doesn’t have to be that way. In spite of what we were led to believe, intelligence isn’t fixed and can improve. At the core of learning are mental processes called cognitive skills, which are how our brains learn. It’s the “how” of learning, not the “what” of teaching that matters. By understanding this, you can help your child turn on their learning superpowers.


By taking advantage of your child’s cognitive strengths and building up their cognitive weaknesses. And the place to start is in the pages of this book, where you will discover:

  • How your child learns is more important than what educators teach.
  • There is proven neuroscience that can improve your child’s cognitive skills.
  • Your most underutilized asset is your child’s ability to learn.
  • You can create a roadmap for your child to succeed at learning and life.

This book includes a guide to helping parents understand how brains learn and how their child’s brain learns best. This knowledge will empower parents like never before. Not only will they understand why their child reacts the way they do to school-they will be able to help them.




BETSY HILL is the mother of three boys and an award-winning educator. She studied the neuroscience of learning with Dr. Patricia Wolfe and other pioneers in the field, coining the term neuroeducator. She is former chair of the board of trustees at Chicago State University and teaches strategic thinking at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management where she received a Contribution to Learning Excellence Award. She received a Nepris Trailblazer Award for sharing her knowledge, skills and passion for the neuroscience of learning in classrooms around the U.S. She holds a Master of Arts in Teaching and an MBA from Northwestern University.


ROGER STARK is CEO of BrainWare Learning Company. It started with a simple question: What do you know about the brain? His vision was to combine multidisciplinary clinical cognitive training with videogame technology. It had never been done before. Over the past fifteen years, he has championed efforts to bring comprehensive cognitive skills training and cognitive assessment within reach of everyone. He led the team that developed BrainWare SAFARI, now the most researched comprehensive, integrated cognitive training tool delivered online in the world. He was the first person ever invited to deliver a joint Congressional briefing on Neuroscience in the Classroom.

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