Richard Bell | Sept 14


Sept 14 | 1P | Vernon Hills

Meet Richard Bell as he reads from his book, Life Seemed Good, But… where we follow the journeys of Spud, the evil potato, the author, and his misadventures with aluminum foil, a porcupine named Timmy who comes to think he’s a doctor, and young brothers Scooter and Biff, to name just a few who inhabit this hilarious world. He’ll be at our Hawthorn Mall bookstore on September 14th at 1PM.

Bell began writing the book in 2004 when he was laid off from his job shortly after his wife got leukemia, and this was his therapy. A portion of the proceeds is being donated to the Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science for cancer research. The book is dedicated to all those who supported someone suffering with cancer or any serious illness.

It’s a picture of life, not always pretty, as viewed by a rich array of characters, talking animals, and the author’s twisted perception of reality.