Nancy Schwartz | Jun 12


Jun 12 | 11:30A | Vernon Hills

Nancy M. Schwartz has taught in Pennsylvania for twenty-six years. She holds certifi cates as an ESL program specialist, reading specialist, and elementary and early education teacher. Nancy’s undergraduate degree came from Temple University, and she attended graduate school at Saint Joseph’s University. Nancy spent several summers studying at the Teachers College Columbia University, Reading and Writing Project. She enjoys ballet, reading, writing, art, fashion, animals, music, and, most of all, motherhood. Up, Not Down Syndrome: Uplifting Lessons Learned from Raising a Son With Trisomy 21 is her first book.


When Alex was born, I thought my life was over. I was devastated. I cried. My husband cried. I wondered what I did to my other two boys, Josh and Sam. I have since realized I love Alex as much as my other two sons. I want the world to know how much I love him. Alex is one of my life’s greatest gifts, along with Josh and Sam. I have two graduate degrees, and I have more understanding from Alex than from my advanced degrees.

The people that should read my book are parents, doctors, lawyers, teachers, school psychologists, government officials, police, people considering cannabis as a treatment, Down syndrome advocates, people dealing with epilepsy, people with a cancer diagnosis, siblings and any person dealing with a challenge. I believe we can take our struggles and make them triumphs. Challenge is an opportunity to be extraordinary. The book was written for my three boys. I want all three to know how much I love them. It was written for a parent considering this path and for all the professionals that will touch the life of a child.

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