Michelle Schaub | Feb 23


Feb 23 | 1P | Vernon Hills

Spark curiosity and exploration with an innovative bedtime story for budding scientists. Each of the kid in this book loves a different branch of science, and their bedroom is decorated to show it.

Twelve kids. A dozen bedtimes. A lot of ways to love science!

“When I was very young, my grandpa used to help me “publish” books. We’d cut, fold, and staple sheets of paper. Then I’d draw pictures and dictate words for my grandpa to record. Later, I wrote my own words. I usually didn’t plan the stories ahead of time. I just kept writing and drawing until I ran out of pages. Sometimes I had to come up with some pretty quick endings!

While I enjoyed writing and reading all through grade school and high school, the idea that I might actually become a writer was snuggled deep in my mind until the end of college. In my final semester, I took a creative writing class for fun. During one critique session, a classmate pointed out that my main characters were always kids. When she asked, “Have you ever thought about writing children’s books?” the idea finally broke through and began to grow.

Today, I continue to hone my craft as a writer while also nurturing a love of reading and writing with my students as a language arts teacher and tutor. When I’m not teaching and writing, I love hiking, biking, and exploring local farmers markets with my husband and three kids from our home in Downers Grove, Illinois. Being outdoors is still where I cultivate my best ideas!” -Michelle Schaub

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