Jerome Pohlen, Real Life ‘Rocketman,’ visits State Street

Jerome Pohlan with Vikram, a second-grader who loves books and hopes to become an astronaut, dentist, or President of the United States when he grows up.

CHICAGO, IL—July 2019 marks the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo Space Mission. Jerome Pohlen’s newest book, The Apollo Missions for Kids, introduces young ones to the people and engineering behind the race to the Moon.

During his visit to our State Street bookstore, on Wednesday, June 5th, Jerome brought lots of interesting objects to the delight of young science fans. Among the space artifacts were a three-foot model of the Saturn V rocket, a fragment of heat-resistant mylar foil from the Apollo 11 capsule, and old magazines and newspapers from 1960s with pictures of the astronauts and stories about the Apollo Mission.

Vikram asks about the capsule of the Saturn V rocket, where the astronauts were located during the flight.

Jerome’s interest in the Apollo Mission came at a young age, as his dad was one of the engineers who helped to build the capsule that contained the astronauts.

He is a former elementary school science teacher, an engineer, an editor, and the author of Albert Einstein and Relativity for Kids as well as a dozen award-winning science kits, including Famous Experiments, Microscopic World and Wild Weather.

The Apollo Missions for Kids tells the story of this pivotal moment in space exploration from the perspective of those who lived it–the astronauts and their families, the controllers and engineers, and the technicians and politicians. All those who made the impossible possible!

If you missed Jerome at State Street, he will make another appearance on Saturday, July 20th @ 12PM along with Suzanne Slade, who wrote the children’s book, Countdown, about the Apollo Mission, at our Hawthorn Mall bookstore in Vernon Hills.