James McGuinness | Mar 7


Mar 7 | 1P | Vernon Hills

James McGuinness is originally from England but now lives in Highland Park, IL, where he lives with his wife, daughter, and dogs. “Stars Will Guide You Home” is his first novel, but, certainly, not his last. He expects to release another book in 2020.


England 1940–Britain has just entered into war against Germany. Four teenagers meet on a random evening in a rural English countryside town and spend one night together before embarking into their efforts for the war. “The stars are brightest here and will always guide you home” one says. Soon after they enter the arena of war, one as a solider, one as a sailor, one as a nurse and one as a factory worker. Their lives are constantly in danger and they face numerous challenges, but at every opportunity they look up at the stars and hope they will guide them home.

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