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Self-Discovery ‘LifeLines’ with Melissa Bernstein, Co-founder of Doug & Melissa Toy Company; Moderated by Doug Bernstein

April 15, 2021 @ 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm


  • LifeLines: An Inspirational Journey from Profound Darkness to Radiant Light | Melissa Bernstein | BUY BOOK
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Melissa & Doug is a half-billion dollar success story, its products a cheerful presence in toy stores and on children’s bedroom floors everywhere. Far less known are the real people behind the company:

Melissa and Doug Bernstein, a married couple and parents of six, who are the founders, architects, and entrepreneurial force behind the company’s meteoric rise. Melissa, with her uncanny ability to understand what brings joy to children, has been the chief designer of its 5000+ playthings. But behind that genius is a truth she’s rarely divulged: she has spent her life grappling with existential anxiety and depression, a condition that both fueled her creativity and brought her to the brink of self-harm.

In LifeLines: An Inspirational Journey from Profound Darkness to Radiant Light, Melissa shares the story of her journey inward toward self-discovery, detailing the ways she adapted her thinking and practices to feel at home in her body and in the world. The book offers solace, connection, and support to others struggling with feelings of depression, anxiety, isolation, or loneliness, with one fundamental message: you are not alone.

Melissa is sharing her innermost experience, and the lifelines that saved her, because millions of Americans are struggling with mental health issues—now more than ever—and she believes her personal story can inspire and bring light to those shrouded in darkness.


Melissa Bernstein, along with her husband Doug, is the Co-Founder of the toy company Melissa & Dougwhich has created over 5,000 children’s products and sold billions of dollars of toys since its inception.

Melissa and Doug playing with some of their playful creations.

Raised by educators, Melissa and Doug started the business in their garage in 1988, and they’ve been on a mission ever since to provide open-ended, inventive, non-technology playthings for young children.

Throughout Melissa’s remarkable career, she kept secret her lifelong battle with severe depression and anxiety. She reveals her struggles in LifeLines, her first book, which she wrote to help others who are also suffering. Melissa’s book heralds the launch of LifeLines.com, an online ecosystem she and Doug are underwriting to support those seeking support, guidance, and community on their mental health journeys. Melissa lives in Connecticut with Doug and their six children.


April 15, 2021
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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