Eileen Meyer | Feb 23


Feb 23 | 1P | Vernon Hills

Abraham Lincoln is famous for many extremes: he was the TALLEST president, who gave the GREATEST speech and had the STRONGEST conviction. But did you know that he was also the MOST DISTRACTED farmer, the BEST wrestler, and the CRAFTIEST storyteller?

In The Superlative Abraham Lincoln: Poems About Our 16th President, Eileen Meyer writes nineteen poems that share fascinating stories about events in Lincoln’s life. History notes explain more about the ways in which he excelled. Back matter encourages readers to consider the ways in which they, too, are superlative.

  • Come read about a legend—the greatest of the greats; from a poor boy in the backwoods to a president, first-rate.
  • Just how was he outstanding? How did he top the rest? What was it that inspired this man to do his very best?
  • Come get to know Abe Lincoln. You’ll find new stories here. You’ll see that he’s SUPERLATIVE in many ways—it’s clear! Get to know the personal side of Honest Abe (his LEAST FAVORITE nickname) through fresh and funny poems expressing his superlative nature.

Dave Szalay’s charming illustrations are the best, most expressive illustrations of all, championing the tallest, skinniest, smartest, and nicest United States president ever.

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