Dr. Boaz Johnson | Jan 26


Jan 26 | Feb 2 | 3P | Vernon Hills

Professor of Hebrew, Bible and Theological Studies

The #MeToo movement is a global phenomenon. Several Christian organizations have been engaging with issues of abuse against women in places like Africa and Asia. Much of this happens among internally displaced or external refugees.

Dr. Rajkumar Boaz Johnson, who grew up in the slums of New Delhi, witnessed atrocities against girls and women. His book, The Marys of the Bible, provides a biblical response to issues raised by the “Me Too” movement—questions he has had for many years going back to his childhood days in the slums of New Delhi.

His search for the meaning of life began early. When he walked to Hindu grammar school, Dr. Johnson faced a dilemma. “I encountered two different realities,” he says. “One was the reality of poverty and injustice. The other was that of high-caste Hindu learning.” He wrestled with this dichotomy, and expanded his spiritual search.

“The philosophy of life taught and espoused by Jesus the Messiah, as seen in the Gospels, captured my mind and imagination,” Dr. Johnson says, “I realized that in this person lay the answers to the questions that plagued my mind.” Decades later, that initial encounter with Jesus continues to fascinate Dr. Johnson, and informs his life and work as an expert on the relationship of evangelical Christianity to world religions.

Today, Dr. Johnson walks with students grappling with their own big questions. He treasures the diversity of thought and experience within North Park’s biblical and theological studies department. “It is a joy to mentor students and see them develop their own skills, which incorporate their faith journey with their academic learning,” he says.

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