Barbara’s Takes a Peek at Hamilton: The Exhibition

A creative display about the American economy

‘Hamilton: The Exhibition’ in Chicago closes Saturday, August 25th, so hurry and check it out. Through a partnership, Barbara’s had the opportunity to send some lucky book buyers to see the exhibit through our ticket giveaway raffle. We also got the chance to visit the exhibition on Northerly Island and it was absolutely magnificent!

Chrissy Papnick, of Niles, Illinois, one of our ticket winners. Chrissy won a pair of tickets to Hamilton: The Exhibition. She shops at our bookstore in Glenview, The Book Market.

If you enjoyed the musical, ‘Hamilton,’ you will appreciate and enjoy this exhibit. It’s not just about Alexander Hamilton. It’s a 3D story about nation-building and how it took the combined efforts of so many different people (women, slaves, immigrants, Native Americans, white men, the French, the British, and more), to build America post-Declaration of Independence.

The interactive displays are super-creative and impressive. They give you a cool headset and allow you to take photos of everything, except for two displays—a really cool ‘Battle of Yorktown’ and a 3D opening number of ‘Hamilton’ with Manuel Lin Miranda. Who knew that a battle could be so interesting?!!

Again, the show leaves town this Saturday, on August 25th. A guide revealed to us that the exhibit will get packed into 80 trucks and who knows when, and where, it will emerge again. Producers are looking for a permanent place to plant this portable exhibit. In the meantime, **DON’T MISS IT**. If you appreciate American History, love learning from museums exhibits, or loved ‘Hamilton’ the musical, you will appreciate this. It really is a treat!!! Bravo. Well-done!