Amanda Stanton Bonds with Local Fans of ABC’s Hit Show “The Bachelorette”


CHICAGO, IL—A cluster of young women clutching books eagerly awaited the arrival of Bachelorette star, Amanda Stanton. Her flight from New York City had been delayed, as she communicated to us and to awaiting fans through Instagram.

Despite the delay, the excitement of the group didn’t wane. Stanton arrived quietly, about 6:30 pm, after walking past Macy’s wine and candy departments. She was wearing a white blazer and a broad smile. She spent the next hour answering questions about the show’s production, the men in her life, her children, and curious inquiries about whether or not the show was heavily scripted. She said that it wasn’t.

Aside from fans, others came to see the Bachelorette, too. Kelly Chupp, of Chicago, brought her new 10-week old golden retriever pup named Milo. Lindsay Marshall and Bill Klazura, reporter and photographer from WCIU’s The Jam, interviewed Stanton for their television show. There were men, too. One father brought his two daughters, while a guy friend of one of the women hung out in the background and took photos. The happy chatter and laughter attracted Macy’s patrons to the bookstore. We saw two television reporters from competing Chicago stations walk by to take a peek. One remained to browse through the bookcases. It’s all good! And, proof that ABC’s The Bachelorette, now in its 15th season, remains a favorite to many romance reality show watchers.

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