Sophie Morrison | Dec 21


Dec 21 | 3P | Glenview

“I’m glad I didn’t wait for perfect,” says Sophie Morrison about her book, Brain Judo: Activate Your Entrepreneurial Strengths. “If I hadn’t published my sloppy, incomplete, imperfect book 8 months ago, I still wouldn’t have experienced this whirlwind of a year.”

More importantly, Sophie has received hundreds of messages from people whose lives were improved in some way from reading Brain Judo—people who have learned to accept all parts of themselves, found healthy outlets for their rebellious/creative/risky tendencies, and have realized that they aren’t alone—that there are more entrepreneurial weirdos like them (us) out there, and that there is NOTHING wrong with them and EVERYTHING right with them!

“These people have learned to reframe their weaknesses as strengths and found constructive ways to use them. These people still wouldn’t have gotten the messages and tools they needed if I’d waited for my perfect product, which is why “starting before you’re ready” is one of the most generous, selfless things you can do. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO YOU’RE IMPACTING! Alas, the day has arrived that Brain Judo is finally a book I feel fully proud of. It has all the goods. It’s complete—to the extent that anything is ever complete, and I’m excited to share it with you.”

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